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Since 2005, Direct Federal Mortgage Inc  has built a successful history of providing capital for sophisticated real estate loans   through non-banking avenues. 

We specialize in complex transactions starting at $500,00 and moving upward to $75,000,000.  DFM underwrites your loan for many private pools of investors to help create an appetite for your unique loan  and getting it funded. With a successful track record of fundings, we are able to help our clients and brokers be successful without the strain of worrying about their loan and if it is going to fund. 

Direct Federal Mortgage Inc delivers expertise and competitive transaction options in today's challenging market conditions.

Speed, Ease, and Great Customer Service is what we offer here at Direct Federal Mortgage. We specialize in finding you terms where others cannot.  

We have not been quoted as the low price leaders who lead on Rate.  We focus on the ability to fund against the terms given in the time-frame set on the initial call when both sides expectations are set. 

Where we differ from other private lenders is we perform and get it done without bait and switch tactics. 

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We work within our private pools of investors across the country to get your loan funded easily and quickly!

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